Famo Sdkf29 & Tank Transport Trailer Sd.Ah.116

All steel construction with the exception of road wheels which are nylon to try and cut down on weight (total 120kg).  Independent sprung road wheels & transverse leaf spring for the front steer wheels.


The 2 track drive motors are concealed within the chassis allowing for full cab interior detail complete with leather seats and main fuel tank under the front seats containing a separate battery for the smoke generator and the auxiliary fuel tank contains the smoke oil.  Other details include a working winch, moveable sprung towing pintle, folding cab canvas cover & windscreen, tool lockers with wooden tool drawers, working lights, hinged tailgate & rear section mud guards.  The cargo bed contains the batteries, speed controllers and all R/C controls hidden under the canvas cover.


The Sd.Ah.116 trailer is also all steel construction with timber planks for the trailer bed.  The steering works as on the real vehicle with independent leaf spring suspension and pneumatic tyres.


The front & rear bogies detach from the bed, the rear bogie works just like the real thing, the winch box lifts and lowers (electric driven) the rear of the bed on chains and clamps. Stowed ramps fit to the rear of the bed when rear bogie is moved out the way and is ready to load a tank using the Famo winch cable passed through the front bogie and guide rollers.  The front of bed side ramps hinge up and lock in place and with the use of the other 2 stowed ramps a tank could be driven up over the front bogie (after lowering support jacks) and onto a platform or train flatcar.


The rear bogie has a detailed driver’s compartment with opening door & folding roof & windscreen.  The winch control handle in the stowage box locates in the winch box but instead of winding, turning left or right lifts & lowers the winch.  The rear steering is also electrically driven by a motor concealed within the bogie chassis.  (You could do with 2 pairs of hands controlling this rig!)

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